tsukana.tumblr.com/post… i don’t know how helpful this will be but if it does help…..

this is perfect im going to save this!

im gonna finish this tomorrow since its not due till 2pm and i honestly need to stop i cant write any more rn 

omg your tags Ashlie #let me kill myself #ofcourse to save #people #but then hes walking around looking for worthy companions #and at the end when martha saves him #HE CARRIES HER OUT LIKE YUP FOUND ONE #IL TAKE THIS ONE THANKS the last two kil me

BUT THATS TOTALLY WHATS GOING ON IN HIS HEAD he was totally companion shopping the whole time, saving him sold him martha and he literally carries her to the window FOR NO REASON! he could have saved breath and just ran to the window and come back for her but he was like nope im wearing this one out of the store! 

yeah, but you can use it for all punctuation. I tend to wait until after i’m done thinking as much as i can before i embellish. Makes me feel better.

i try to do it whenever im stuck, il step away and just fix all the punctuation till i figure out what’s next 

i’m terrible and know how you can make your paper look longer without them knowing

is it the period thing, because im already doing the period thing, and i used one size up from the actual font which you cant really tell 

i have dw playing in the background while i write this paper and to stay sane i stop to watch it at certain intervals and i just love me some season 3 suicidal asshole ten 

notgingerandalittlebitfoxy replied to your post: page six of ten COME ON I CAN DO THIII…


starting 7 out of 10……

page six of ten



College kids have 2 styles: overdressed or homeless person.

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i don’t know if this will relate at all but look up the concept of a palimpsest. It originates from the Shakespearean era and you could use it as metaphor to justify elements in his plays that people think prove he didn’t write them

i have 900 more words to write so im sure i can fit that in some how 


people who are talented and also good looking and also have great personalitiesimage

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notgingerandalittlebitfoxy replied to your post “notgingerandalittlebitfoxy replied to your post:im so done with this…”

my mind is blank but hey if you’re writing about theatre depending on what your topic is I could point you in the direction of some interesting theories

basically shakespeare did write all his plays is my topic

you should quote me again

say something about shakespeare so it can be legit 

im so done with this paper i just used the word poppycock ok 

so done 


Timelord lightbulb moment


Timelord lightbulb moment

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this is the last assignment need to write before my last day of class tomorrow

and yet

i start now and i dont want to do it not in the least omg i dont even know where to start 


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